Privateer Award

Donate to support all the fastest privateers in 2021 WC DH and EWS!


Privateer Award

Raising money to donate to the fastest Privateer award, at each of the UCI MTB DH World cups this season and the selected EWS events that I will be doing the WynTV video series at. 

I know from my own experience it’s a tough road to making it to be a pro rider competing as a privateer and especially even more in a season when the world is faced with a global pandemic, for a lot of these guys and girls every little bit makes a big difference.

Last year I didn't manage to get this award going due to the uncertainty of the race season but this year its back and the goal is support those who need it most and hopefully offer them bigger awards than that of the actual races themselves.

Privateer Award Revival in 2021

The Privateer awards are going to be presented on WynTV at the WC Downhill and EWS races starting with Leongang / Austria.

 Reach out to us if you have any questions!

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